Sonus Faber Olympic l - MIA

Help. One of my speakers dropped dead. Fine one day, gone the next. Drive them with a Mc MA6500 and never too loud. Owned for about 2 years and used about 5 months, recently 3 months as my larger speakers were still in boxes after recent move. The dead speaker looks fine, drivers intact. It just outputs a very faint but clear sound. Could it be just an internal component? Any repair source referrals or ideas would be appreciated. My local SF dealer where I did NOT buy these speakers is being fairly slow to respond. Thank you!
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Did you try switching the channels to be sure it isn’t your amp?
Yep. Also hooked them up to my MA252 as well as Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 outputs on my MA6500 and also pulled out my Olympica llls. Even switched cables. Everything works just fine except for this one speaker. Now what?
It’s probably a bad crossover. 
I know nothing about the electronics inside of a speaker but maybe replacing a crossover is not too expensive? Input anyone? Thank you.