Sonus Faber - New Concertino vs Old Concerto?

I found a used pair of Concertos with a few cosmetic dings for about 1/2 ~ 3/4 the price of new Concertino domus (depending on the shop).

I haven't heard either yet. I'll go listen to the Concertos sometime over the next couple days, but I won't be able to listen to Concertinos, as they are only available where I live by mail-order.

Concertos seem to be very rare here in Japan, while Concertinos are available.

Does anyone have knowledge or opinion on the quality differences between these two?

Are the old Concertos somehow special?

Apparently, the Concertos were discontinued, while the Concertinos continued production.

Have the new Concertinos somehow surpassed the old Concertos?

Are these old Concertos in any way a bargain compared to new Concertinos?
bump. equally interested.
The older models sounded a lot better than the later models.

Comparing the older model Concertino to the older model Concerto...the Concerto was a little bigger and fuller had more bass than the Concertino...but I think the Concertino sounded slightly more coherent in the mid-range. Either would be a great buy.