Sonus faber Musica,and Guarneri

I recently purchased a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri speakers and Musica amp through Audiogon. I need some help with my cable selection. One of my speakers is about 20 feet from the amp and the other is about 10feet. There is no way I can rearrange the room. What should I do? Thanks for your input
Hi, I envy you for having such a nice speaker. I dream of Guarneri. Anyway, you should use 20 feet cable to keep symmetry. Otherwise, the balance can be distorted. Regards,
I agree with Kazu. Absolutely keep them equal lengths. The question of what speaker cable to use arises. It would be nice to have a shorter run but since you need 20 feet you need some decent cable for such a nice and truly sweet sound. I would look around for which speaker cable seems to have the best numbers and then listen to the different brands seeing which you like the sound of most. Nothing is neutral. Then consider your wallet and get the one yo like best that is in your price range. I wouldn't spend more than 10% of what you spent for your whole system on all the interconnect and speaker cable you need for your system.
Sonus Faber works well with Sumiko OCOS cable. Sumiko claims that the design of the cable is such that unequal lenghts will not have a negative effect on imaging. I've used OCOS for years and am very pleased with the results.
Congratulations! I own the same speakers myself. Mine are, however, in a smaller room, and I use monoblock amplifiers so do not have to worry about the length of cable. As far as cable choice, please feed your Guarneri's good stuff. I have used AQ Argent internally biwried and they were good, then moved up to AQ Clear and they were even better. If you can, use silver wire, though a 20 foot run will surely cost you a bundle. May want to check out Home Grown Audio's speaker cable. But make no mistake about it, the Guarneri's are capable of incredible soundstaging, accuracy, etc. and if you do not usee top nothc cables you will limet their performance.
Hello Otdriller: I have a pair of Electa Amatours...Want to trade? (Ha, just kidding!). Anyway, I'm running a pair of 22 foot lengths. You should keep both sides equal, but do not coil the ten foot side on top of each other. Snake it so the wire doesn't touch. In addition, do not bi-wire. Use a single run. It will sound better. Also, do try to avoid jumpers. Pull your woofer out & internaly re-attach one set of terminals unto the other. I'm curious, is the Musica enough power for the Guarneri's? You may want to try the Analysis Plus Oval 9's. Fairly inexpensive for such a long run & I understand they are a good match for the Sonus's. That's a great pair of speakers...enjoy.
Lucky guy, the Musica and Guarneri were just in HiFiNews and Record review as one of the top 5 systems in the world! From what I understand such long lengths (capacitance/inductance may cause your amp to severely reduce its power output), hence the good advice above for the OCOS. That particular speaker cable is at, or elsewhere (can't remember...maybe it was even a retail store whose url I got from an audio magazine)...anyway I saw a 20 foot pair this week! Check it out...and if I find it first, I'll post it here. Use Omega Micro jumpers from Mapleshade, Cardas jumpers from Merlin music, etc and don't bother biwiring. Just remember...there is a lot of resistance (which is supposed to be no problem with OCOS) in many cables that length. Incredible system you have...want to trade for my Audio Physic/Krell integrated?
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Well, I finally purchased Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables, both 20 feet in length. The sound is wonderful. I was concerned that the Musica amp would not be powerful enough for these speakers(50 watts per channel) but to my surprise it is. The cables sounded great right out of the box, but I notice an improvement in the bass and smoothness in the highs the more I use them. Thanks for all your imput guys. This site is great