Sonus Faber Minima Vintage v/s Cremona Auditor

Fellow Audiogoners

Would appreciate any first hand comparison between the Sonus Faber Minima Vintage and the SF Cremona Auditor speakers for my second system.

I have been offered both speakers (used) at more or less the same price point but am unable to audition them before the purchase.

These will be driven by a Sonus Faber Musica amp (50W into 8 ohms), with an Audio Aero Capitole CD player, in a room sized 9x11 ft and 8 ft high

I like romantic, SWEET but detailed/layered music (mostly jazz, late night, piano, vocals etc.) at low to modest volumes.

Thank You
I have had both speakers and I like the Minima over the Cremona. I use the Minima as my main speakers. I even have a spare pair in the box that I am keeping for the long haul. I love the way they handle piano and vocals. Get the Minimas.
Hi Mikeyaya
Many thanks for your input. Just seen your system. Nice one. How big is your room and does the Minima have sufficient bass for orchestral music?
Lall, my room is 19' by 18'. I do not think any small monitor is able to handle the bass needed for orchestral music without the help of a good subwoofer. Maybe in a really small room with a powerful amp. Still like the Minima over the Cremona Auditor. The tweeter on the Minima is much better.
I can only comment on the Auditor Ms - which are a better speaker than the Auditor. I use the Sf Crem Aud Ms with McIntosh gear and I have no inspirations of upgrading. I am more than satisfied where I am at this moment. I use a REL B1 sub bass system with my Auditors. It took some time to get dialed in but once I was there the magic happened. My room is roughly 15' x 20' x 8'and is open on two sides. Sf is known for their ability to handle vocals/mid range but surprisingly the Audior Ms can dig deep. With either pair you would be very happy. No bad choice.
I owned the Musica along with the original Cremona Auditors for some years and in my opinion they made great music together. Haven't heard the Musica/Minima combination together though. Have listened to the Minimas with alternative amplification and liked their music production as well, although I would probably go with the former combination. Hope this helps in your decision!