Sonus Faber Liutos

Anyone audition these?
I think this is a relativly new and modest priced speaker and wonder how it would stack up against the more expensive Cermona M?
Heard them side by side. Cremona M, which is about double the price, is better in every dimension - bass, midrange and tweeter. Whether it is worth double is up to the call of the buyer.
I have listened to the Cremona M, and although the audition was a really poor set up (wrong electronics, bad listing room, crummy recordings, and the speakers were WAY too close to the back wall according to SF's own recomendations) I could hear where the speakers might really shine in the correct set up.

I see where Sumiko is discounting the Cremona line right now and wonder what kind of deals anyone may have got?

(I do not have any business relationship do with SF or Sumiko)
I have not heard them but Hi Fi+ reviewed them. Below is a link where you can download the PDF (toward the bottom).