Sonus Faber Liuto vs. original Cremona

Okay - quick question...

Which is the better speaker - Sonus Faber Liuto (tower) or the original Cremona? Pluses and minuses? They are roughly the same price on the pre-owned market.

-Bob R
Okay, quick answer..:0)

You need to listen to both in your room with your system to determine which suits your preferences better. Both speakers are good speakers, both have very different presentations and will appeal to different listeners based on their requirements.

IMO, only way to pick speakers is to listen to them in your room and with your short cuts here.
OMG, orig. Cremona tower or the Liuto? Dude, the Cremona. This was the last real speaker design from Franco. I own a pair currently and have owned several SF speakers. I would take a pair of used Cremonas over a new pair of Liuto any day and twice on Sunday.
Bob - sorry I missed this earlier.

I would agree with Audiogreak32 on the Cremona vs. the Liuto. To be fair, some people feel the Cremona has a colored sound. The Liuto have a more natural frequency response. The Liuto has more of the magic of the earlier designs when compared to the immediate post Cranco era, which I found lean, especially compared to the original Cremona. But, the Franco era speakers work for me. I have the Cremona plus 4 other pairs of Franco era SF, so I am not really impartial.

I believe Franco's last design was the Strads, which I would take in a nanosecond over my Cremona. They are, unfortunately, at a different price level.
If I could use one word to describe the sound of sonus Faber , VELVET would be the word.