Sonus Faber Liuto Monitor vs Cremona Auditor M

I have a pair of Liuto Wood stand-mounted speakers in my small, 11x13, dedicated listening room. They sound great powered by excellent all-tube electronics.  Soundstage and detail is wonderful- the speakers pretty much disappear.

I missed an opportunity to purchase a pair of Cremonas prior to getting the Liutos and I've always wondered what the the sonic differences between the Liutos and the Cremona Auditor M would be. Have any of you been able to compare the two? 

Thanks for your responses.
Since no one responded to my question, I figured the only way to satisfy my curiosity was to purchase a pair of Cremona Auditor M's.

I sold the Liutos.
I think the Auditor M are great speakers.  A surprisingly good sounding monitor.  I like them more than the O1... Though I have the O3.
My MFA mono tube amps have been significantly upgraded. The Auditor M's are having a bit of a love affair with the "new" amps.  This designated listener is beyond quite happy.  :)  
Congrats on the new Auditor M's!  Are you still using them in the 11x13" room?  

If so, out of curiosity, how far out from the wall behind the speakers are you?

Are you getting any booming bass or muddiness to the sound?

How do they compare to the Liuto's?

Thanks in advance :)

Yes, the room is the same. The A' M's are about 4' from the front wall and the best listening spot is roughly the old equilateral triangle.  Since the back wall of the listening room is mostly open to the living room, I sometimes will position my chair inside the LR a few feet for an entirely different listening experience.  Mostly I'm streaming with Spotify and running it through Amarra sQ+ with excellent results.  I would say the sound is "rich, warm, and full" depending to some degree on the source material. Not boomy.  I use a modest number of Tube Traps in the front corners of the room.  Floor is hardwood with a 9'x7' carpet in front of the Auditor M's. After years of experimenting in the world of "high-end" audio, my current rig is in many ways by far the most gratifying.  Synergy, maybe.  Learning how to be a better listener. probably.   Great tube electronics courtesy of Mr. Scott Frankland. Definitely.  And, of course, there's the Italian heart and soul that is Sonus Faber.
Thank you for your reply!  I have a small room similar in size to yours that I'd like to add music system to.  Unfortunately, my small room does not open up to another larger room... so it is truly a small room.  I would not be able to have 4 ft behind my speakers.  As much as I love the Sonus Faber sound, I may have to look for a sealed box design... maybe the Harbeth P3.

I'm glad you are enjoying your new speakers so much and that your system is gelling so well together.  Happy Listening!
You are most welcome.  :)
As you know, the only way to tell if a given speaker will work in your room is to try it.  There simply are too many variables.  Another obvious factor is the electronics you employ.  I'm fortunate to have excellent tube pre-amp and mono amps, which have great synergy with the Cremona Auditor M's.  I suspect they'd also work quite well with Harbeth and other makers.  It may be that in your situation a rear-ported speaker will not work as well as a sealed box.
Have fun on your quest!