Sonus Faber Guarneri vs Guarneri Memento

Has anyone had a chance to compare the new Guarneri Memento to the original Guarneri?

Does anyone have any pricing info on the new Guarneri Mementos?

there are people who on this thread who have listened to both and some prefer the G, and others the H. So I would say it is not a question of one using or not using their ears, but simply a preference for one or the other. Some people prefer the midrange purity of the H while others prefer the versatility and more full range sound of the M.

But you keep insisting that the H is superior ... can you please repeat after me - different strokes for different folks :-)
Pinkus on another thread you wrote and I quote"Of course it is also possible that I am highly suggestible, and I am the one with the tin-ear."
I think that may speak for itself..:0)
BUT in all seriousness, I do agree that 'each to their own' is applicable with SF G's and in fact this applies to any speaker or other piece of equipment. Nonetheless, along with many other 'phile friends,it has been my experience that when using our ears we come away with a MAJOR preference for the GH's over the GM's. Obviously, your mileage differs.
If I can generalize.

People who like GH prefers a more romantic presentation, they would oppose to any type of hard dome tweeter including Be or diamond.

I was in that camp for years, I have owned GH, EA1, Extrema, Dyn C5 for over 10 years combined but decided to try a different "tweeter" for a change. I later found a new dimension in sound which I like as well. Like what Pinkus said, it's a matter of taste. I used to hate Wilson, but now listening to some newer Wilson can be an enjoyment. I also love Be and diamond tweeter now as well.
Semi, I can only speak for myself, BUT I personally have no problem with any type of tweeter as long as it sounds good. I have owned Titanium domes, Be tweets, ribbons,stats and alum domes-- I enjoyed them all.
However, I do NOT think that I prefer a 'romantic' presentation, although a bright presentation does bother me. I do feel that if a speaker has a tendency towards brightness and "glare" then very likely the culprit is the tweet. (and many times that tweet is a hard dome).IMHO you cannot really generalize so much in regards to people's taste in presentation as much as you may think.
Interestingly, I have a female 'phile friend, whom has superior high-end hearing capabilities to my male 'phile friends high-end hearing . She can pick up a
bright/glaring speaker in a country minute; she almost always dislikes titanium domes and in fact told me that she actually HATES all Wilson's for this reason. My female friend also tells me that her older husband cannot hear this problem and likes Wilsons along with many other what she calls 'Screaming' speakers.
If someone picks a speaker because of its tweeter behaviour, or soundstage or any other audiophile trick, he/she is missing the point. I pick a system or a speaker for the matter, based on the overall presentation of music and how the artist intention is rendered thru the chain, anything less than that becomes boring talk and a waste of precious time IMHO.