Sonus Faber Guarneri's

I'm mulling the idea of dialing up the performance of my second system and am considering the SF Guar's. I have an AirTight 8W SE amp driving Spendor LS3/5A's, so I'd need more ooomph from the amp (looking at a Lectron JH50). So any comments on the SF's - haven't heard much lately - vis-a-vis the Spendors? Speaker cable recomm's (I have AudioNote KSL copper now, thinking about Omega Micro...)?

Also, I know SF changed the construction from 8 to 7 panels a few years back, and thought I remember a possible tweeter change about then also. Any advice on new versus older model?

Thanks for the feedback.

If you decide on the Sonus Faber, consider the VAC 70/70 MkIII-S Ren as it will be a highly recommended match. I mention this not only because I have one (VAC) for sale but because from experience it is one of the best synergies I've heard.
Thanks Gregm and Mjc. Probably a couple of years off on the SF's, but some of my buying decisions now will effect that system, so I wanted to start mulling it over. You've given me some great advice. Thanks again fo the help.

Mjc: on the VAC, yes, I am familiar with it - nice piece. My problem with it is all the 300B outputs. NOS systems ALWAYS sound better if properly done, and you are pretty much left with the Golden Dragons that VAC distributes if you want to run the thing, ie. for me, at least, drudging up multiple pairs of new issue WE300B's at $400 a tube - and you really have to because the GD's sound harmonically brittle in comparison - gives me a cerebral hemmorhage just thinking about the expense, much less the logistics! Thank you, though, a good choice. I think I'll end up with a Lectron JH50 EL-34 based amp, or, more likeley, a Cary 805 SE (not a push pull SE like the VAC).
Just another thought and possible option. I use a pair of Pass Aleph 0 Monoblocks with my SFGs. Very reasonably priced on the used market. Rated somewhere between 50 and 75 watts rms - fits nicely into that window of power recommended by many SFG owners. Known for a SS design with very much a tube sound. Warm, transparent and detailed. Mid range to die for. Almost too much of a good thing when driving the SFGs. The Aleph 0 Monos do have feedback and do have three stages - different than the rest of the Pass line which are designed with no feedback and 2 stages. The two stage designs also have a rep for incredible mids and tranaparencey but no "umph" to drive the bass needs of certain speakers. The Aleph 0 Monos provide incredible bass - fast, very articulate but rounded and full. A great fit for the SFGs. I am also using a Joule Electra 150 Preamp, Golmund 29 CD Player, VPI Aries and Memorial Arm, and Van Den Hul cartridge. Just bought a REM Stentor III sub and I am still evaluating it's impact and contribution. Again, all of these component choices (except for maybe the Van Den Hul) point to my specific lust for midrange warmth and detail.
Thank you, rsyou, for your thoughts. Yes, I have a Joule too. That is an interesting balance you have there between the Goldmund and the Joule, probably sounds nice (came very close about five years ago to mating them together myself).

Yes, the Pass stuff is nice, and older O's too, which are a great deal if you can find them used. But I'm pretty much a tube guy these days, for good and bad. The Aleph's do have a single-ended feel to them, relative to other SS, although I would not say that they are warmish; just not as much distortive artifacts and more natural continuity between voice and surrounding space, on transients and so forth. But still not tubes, good ones, I don't think. Good suggestion though - one I might make to someone else myself. Thanks again.

Unfortunately, the SF project is, presently, taking a back seat to a new house and my inability to stay away from the 2000 Bordeaux's; poor men do not mix well with rich man's hobbies...
Another speaker you may want to look at because it costs about half of the SFG, has a similar look (battenboard), great musicality, easy to drive (89dB w/ a very benign load), and 30-35 Hz bass response would be the JM Reynaud Offrandes.

I own a pair and have been extremely pleased with them, and Bob Neill has reviewed alot of the Spendor, Harbeth, and JM Reynaud models and compared and contrasted them quite a bit so you could probably get a good feel for them off of his various reviews on Positive Feeback and Enjoy the Music.