Sonus Faber , Gryphon or Focal Utopia !!!

Hello everybody !
A bit of a stalemate choosing shelf speakers. There are very bad, but a separate room square shape (16 square meters). It was previously Dynaudio Confidence C2 and Sonus Faber Elipsa . Play was not easy ! Severe hum ! Therefore, today I have three options. After listening to each of them, I realized how much they are different. Already have available: Moon Evolution 600i and Audio Research CD8. Speaker cables want something from Siltech. In the future, I plan to buy a turntable. The sound like transparency, cleanliness, wide and deep stage and tight, quick (though not very deep, but the most important quality) bass !!!

So here are three options:
1 . Sonus Faber Guarneri.
2. Gryphon Mojo.
3. Focal Diablo Utopia 3.

My favorite musical genres:
Music of the baroque. Violin music !!!!!
Piano music !
Symphonic music
Light rock (Mark Knopfler , Dire Straits)
Eric Clapton
Rock a little heavier (Metallica, AC DC, Radiohead, Stereophonics)
Jazz guitar (Stevie Ray Vaughan and Chris Jones, Bibi King)
And a little bit :) : Ethnic music ,  Dead can dance, Norah Jones, Lana Del Rey, YELLOW and so on.

I will be glad to any your advice and recommendations on the choice!
With Respect
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FWIW, I'd take option #1. I'm sure you will get other opinions and not all of them will be for option #1. 
Thanks for your reply ! Could you further explain why you choose Sonus Faber? I was just a few days it will go to listen to them.
I chose the Sonus Faber Guarneri because I own a pair of SF Electa Amators and I have heard many Sonus Faber speakers and they all have similar characteristics. If you favor a warm and powerful, yet transparent sound you will love the SF sound signature. I may be biased as my speakers contain the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter which has a way of making everything sound smooth and extended.  
Thank you !
What can you say about the sound of the Gryphon Mojo compared with Sonus Faber? And Sonus Faber plays the bass?
This is the first time I have heard the term "Gryphon Mojo." I know that the Gryphon company makes very high quality equipment but that is the extent of my knowledge about Gryphon. Yes, Sonus Faber delivers bass without the boomy overhang that some people think of as bass. 
Thank you for the answer !
Recently I had the opportunity to listen to Sonus Faber and Gryphon . As a result, the choice became obvious to me. Gryphon Mojo is a bit of a different league. Gryphon is now full sound ! Sonus Faber is a very good speaker, but loses Gryphon .
Trust your own ears.
Off Topic but am I the only one who is saddened by the phrase:
"Rock a little heavier (Metallica"

Not a shot at the OP but a telling statement on the current direction Metallica has been moving for several years.  I never thought I would hear or read Metallica described as "Rock a little heavier".  Perhaps the OP is not familiar with "Kill 'em All" or "Master of Puppets".
You're right . I do not know very well the hard rock.
Gryphon has a dark sound. While Sonus Faber lighter. But because of its size and configuration of drivers, Gryphon is much more versatile and intense. It has a long aftertaste, like expensive French wine great endurance;)

you are putting together a very nice system, so everything, will have to be closely matched. Simaudio gear sounds great w/ Audience cables/cords,
ARC sound excellent w/ Transparent cables/cords. I have not had an opportunity to demo Siltech cabling systems.

Now, to your speaker choice-
Focal / Simaudio is a sonic match
ARC/ SF is a sonic match
have not auditioned the Gryphon.

Focal is a very good to excellent "Rock" speaker.
Happy Listening!
Jafant hello!
Advise please power cables for Moon 600i .
I bought a Gryphon. This is a very high-end speakers. I do not for a long time listening to music with pleasure;) Beautiful soft flow of music without the slightest violations of the tonal balance. High frequency is very clear without harshness like Focal Diablo . Internal speaker size is more suitable for outdoor speaker system. Therefore, all the musical images full and deep. Bass a little unique and a little bland. Focal Do it like a jackhammer;)
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Sir, I'm not claiming to be absolute. This is just my opinion. I have a lot of experience of different systems and listening so I can compare. And perhaps it would be someone someday useful!