sonus faber grand pianos vs vienna acoustic mozart

I'm looking to build a home theater and strongly leaning toward these two for the front channels. wondering listeners impressions of the two head to head?

Oh yeah. Forgot to mention the equipment I'm using:

Krell HTS 7.1
Rotel 1075 - 5 channel amp
Sony DVD/SACD with Progressive Scan

Also, if you have any experience with River Cable or LAT International interconnects and speaker cable I'd greatly appreciate your input. I had never heard of River Cable before but read about them in Stereophile regarding their Canare DigiFlex Gold (priced only at $70), "first choice digital cable at ANY price, even preferring it to Kimber AGDL."

Thanks much in advance.
I heard both in the same room in a local hifi shop here. The Grand piano gives a warmer sound than the Mozart. I ended up purchasing the Sonus, however depending on what kind of sound you're going for, I can see people going for the Vienna too.
While shopping for bookshelf speakers I had a chance to listen to Vienna Acoustic Haydn, Bach, Beethoven and the Mozart. I also listened to the SF Concertino, Concerto and Grand Piano.

I felt the Grand Paino Home and Beethoven were a clear step above the Mozart and actually prefering the Grand Piano to the $4500 Beethoven.

This one actually should be easy. Tweeters sells both the Vienna Acoustic and Sonus Faber line so an A/B comparison should be easy.

Let your ears be your guide not someone elses opinion