Sonus Faber Grand Piano vs. ProAc 2.5 Speakers

I am considering "consolidating" my two audio systems into one and cannot decide what speakers to keep. I own the Sonus Faber Grand Piano [older model](with the Bow Wazoo integrated amp) and the Pro Ac 2.5 Speakers (Jeff Rowland Concentra amp). The source is the Meridian 508.24. I prefer the Sonus Faber speakers since they just sound better but, of course, I have to ask others for comments. The ProAc's have more bass but do not have the musical feeling that the Sonus Fabers have. I also should consider switching the amps around to see what these does to the sound. Any comments on the amplifiers? Thanks...
I think you've answered your own question. Keep the Sonus Fabers but try them with both amps and see which you prefer.
What do you mean by "sound better"? How do the sounds compare? If the Bow is a tube amp, well, you are probably preferring the amp.

You may be preferring the amp as Artmaltman says. I've heard the Meridian+Concentra (an excellent combination btw) with both the Proac and Sonus Faber GP, and I definitely preferred the Proac. The SF sounded a little hi-fi'ish to me. On the other hand, if you had said the SF EAII, then you'd have a contest.
Hey, keep one of each - see if we care! ;^)