Sonus Faber grand Piano sounds muddy????

I recently auditioned the SF Grand Pianos and for some reason they sounded muddy. It was like the bass was interfereing with the mids and highs? Has this happend to you?

i asked the dealer what his system was and they were using a Perraux 250 watt amp with a perraux pre amp and a rotel cd player. its either the set up or the acoustics. But the room was carpeted which I assumed would have absorbed the bass? I had super high hopes for these speakers but the Concerto's sounded much better. Much clearer.

What gives? Is the Grand Pianos really muddy?


Sounds like bad cable to me. Probably not using sold core wire. Try checking to see what cable they are using for the speakers. I had the same problem with mine because I was using stranded wire for my speakers. And my speakers were not Sonus Faber, Vienna Accoustics. Stay away from stranded wire.
I actually think it might be the set-up, don't think the Grand Piano's might be the right choice for Perraux components. The Sonus Faber's are pretty decent speakers, yet the Perraux amp/pre combo is very forward sounding! IMO majorly overpriced for the quality delivered!
I auditioned the smaller concertos and found the bass to be a bit "wooly" as well(to be fair the majority of monitors and even very good ones suffer from this)...however...their imaging was jaw-dropping...and they were a good 10 ft apart...and filled up a very large room with decent sound...I could even live with the bass considering their strengths...
I own the GP Home series, matched with Classe amps. My system is rich, smooth and dynamic with an occasional hint of mid-bass hump on some music, something I can live with. Sonus Faber has a warm signature, and I think equipment partnering is crucial as they prefer more transparent sounding amps.

I've never heard the Perraux and suspect they are thicker sounding and may not be a good match. As the others have said, there are other variables like your cables and power cords. But one should never consider the Grand Piano as muddy.
Yea it may be the set up of the dealer and the GP may not have been broken in as of yet.