Sonus Faber Grand Piano Sound Characteristics

How are the sonus faber grand piano's. The thing that interests me here is that this company is mostly really high end monitors. This speaker is full range and moderatly priced.

Is there alot of sacrifices with it, or a real value from a monitor company.

SF has a good line of products and that includes the GPH. It is a good all around well balanced speaker that is very pleasant and fun to listen with and is a very good value at its price point. Hi Fi Buys (Tweeter), may still carry these and they offer a return if you don't like them.
I have owned tons of speakers and love my Sonus GPH's. This is my third pair of Sonus Fabers and I could not recommend them more highly.

I own the original Sonus Faber Grand Piano Speakers. I was using the BOW Wazoo 50wpc integrated amplifier but decided these speakers required much more power so I switched to the McIntosh Integrated MA6900 200 wpc. My Grand Piano Speakers sound terrific and all my friends agree. They are very warm sounding speakers that include the right musical details and dynamics. They have great liquidity and smoothness over the full range of music. I suggest you listen to a pair in your room (if possible) with your amplifier and make your own decision. If you listen at a Retailer, please use the amp you expect to use to ensure all is okay sound wise. cheers....
I have been a self defined audiophile for the last 25 years, and have used many different high end components over the years. I can tell you for a fact that the Grand Piano is probably the best value for money in the high end speaker market right now. They are as good if not better then my dearly beloved Klipschhorns. They sound better (in my opinion)
then comparatively priced Martin Logans, Polk Audio, Mordaunt Short, Magneplanars etc etc.I have owned (and still do) many of these makes. I would not hesitate. However, the perception of music is highly individual. So audition them first at your local audio store. I think Tweeter carries the line.