Sonus Faber Grand Piano or Vandersteen 3A signatur

I am undecided between two great speakers for my system. The first is the Sonus Faber Grand Piano, the older version and the other is the Vandersteen 3A signature. My pre and power is the Musical Fidelity. Am thinking of upgrading to audio research or Mcintosh in the near future. Has anyone have both at the same time to make comparison in term of sound quality etc. I listen mostly to jazz, vocal and also clasical plus some pop music.
Both are fine speakers, but have a somewhat different tonal balance. At this price level, you really should do an extended audition of both speakers -- preferably in your home -- and then trust your own ears. The choice of speaker will have signficantly more impact on your system's overall sonic characteristics than the change in amplifiers.
I'm sure you'll get some feedback from members here, but their rigs/rooms/music choices won't be the same as yours. You got some good advice from Sdcampbell above. Your conscience won't be clear until you hear these for yourself in your room with your gear. I count 3 Vandersteen 3A Sig's for sale now on Agon and at least that many Grand Pianos. Perhaps pick up a used pair of each and see which one works out better. Financially, it could be tough buying both, but at the end of the day its the only way to know.