Sonus Faber Grand Piano / Old vs. New...

Greetings all,

Here goes my first posting... Before purchasing (likely from the classifieds here), I'm looking for some well-informed advice on the real differences between the SF Grand Piano in its original incarnation, and in the latest "Home" version - the only one I've heard, and really enjoyed.

Many threads I've read seem contradictory (nothing new under the sun...;-) Some say the original is better at 2-channel stereo (my only application - don't care much for HT), and seem to imply the latest version is voiced more towards HT applications, with more artificial boom and sizzle. My brief listening session could not confirm this. It seems odd to me that SF, of all companies, would upgrade a product at the cost of their fanatical perfectionism in basic 2-channel music-making. But I could be proved wrong, and, arguably, newer isn't always better... Other reviewers, on the contrary, see a real improvement in the latest version.

WHAT I'M LISTENING FOR (almost in order of priority) :
- Before anything : accurate timbre on natural instruments and voices. If that isn't there, nothing else can compensate.
- Palpability (The Concertino Home I owned before gave me a taste - and I want more !)
- Reasonably deep and well-controlled bass, not too thin sounding.
- Perspective on the music that isn't too close (Ideally between mid- and front of- hall)
- Ability to deal with a wide-range of music, from chamber to orchestral, to the occasional techno or heavy rock track. I really do listen to *everything*.

- Audiomeca CD player - More "full sounding" than average
- YBA Integre DT amplifier - 50/90W Agile, quick, very detailed, though not actually *bright*.
- Speakers : Sonus Faber ____?_____

- 18' x 12' X 9'. Hard wood floors, but room isn't excessively live (thx to brick wall, furnishings and books). Listening distance : maximum 8 ft, if I want spks to be adequately positioned away from rear walls.

I'm ideally looking for answers from owners or listeners who can
- relate to my wide range of listening tastes,
- have a keen ear for what sounds **real** as opposed to impressive and "hifi",
- have been able to compare the two SF models in identical settings/systems, whether at home or in store.

Sincere thanks in advance for the enlightenment, if it's in your power... ;-)
I have owned the origial GP for about 5 years. They are an excellent all around speaker. Vocals are outstanding and slightly warm in character. The bass is solid and highly depends on the amp you are driving them with. My old Carver lacked deep bass, but my Jeff Rowland Concentra II produces fine bass into the GP's.

I have heard the new GP's in the local audio store. It seems like the mid bass has been increased to the point where it starts to take over from the mid range beauty. They seem greared towards the home theater crowd. Its still an excellent speaker, but i am glad i own the originals. The originals have a more laid back, natural character to them.
I have owned the Sonus Faber GP original speaker for about 3+ years and like them very much. The vocals are excellent and the bass is solid considering the size of the speaker. I agree with the above post that good sounding GP speakers are "highly dependent" on the amplifier you are driving them with. My 50wpc BOW Wazoo integrated lacked deep bass, but my McIntosh MA6900 integrated amplifier produces fine overall sound with bass from these excellent speakers. I also have the McIntosh MCD205 CD player. The new GP speakers seem bright to me and my older GP speakers have a more natural feeling and character to them (similar to above post). I hope this helps. cheers