Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home vs. B&W CDM9NT's

I'm looking at buying some new speakers. My application will be 2 channel listenimg only at least for now. The amp selection will be either a Plinius integrated(8200 mk2)or McCormack seperates(DNA225/RLD1) Thanks.

Hi Adiorio,

I have the sonus faber grand piano homes and I am very happy with them. I'll give you my take on SF's versus B&W.
I think it is really a matter of taste, as I find that these speakers are quite opposite in nature. I find the Sf's quite romantic and musical, and the B&W's very detailed and "objective".
The Grand Piano's are probably a bit more refined, but also a bit more laid back and mellow! If you like rock, or do ever do HT with em, the B&W's seem to do better in the pressence reigion. Both are excellent speakers, with the B&W's having more flexibility. Tastes will vary(everyone has different gear) of course. I would proabably recommend using the piano's for more instrumental jazz, blues, vocals, light classical, etc. If you like to rock a bit more, the more efficient and sensitive B&W's will have an advantage. The sound fof the Piano's has the tonality that's similar to the NHT 2.9/3.3, or almost the Thiels(although the Thiels seem a tick more refined and detailed maybe) The Piano's sound liquid and pretty uncolored overall. The B&w's have a bit of warmth, and more pressence to my ears. Both speakers are nice for the money. But if it were my money, and you were interested in new at that price range in a floor stander, I'd probably consider looking at the new Thiel 1.6's! good luck