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I've just bought these speakers. Amplification is the audiomat arpege.
Which cd-player and cables will suit the best?
(cd player may cost 1000-1500 €, cables in the same pricerange)

Thx a lot.
Your budget?
for source and cable?

Audience Au24 is good, IC or speaker cable!
CD Player for the speakers you have, hmmmm
Used or new?

Given your great Audiomat amp, and if you want a CDP that will satisfy for more than 5 years, suggest you consider a Vecteur L-4.2 which retails for USD4,950. It and Audiomat integrateds are a match made in heaven and they're built like a Rolex (beautiful and rugged). Several good cables work well with these units, including the Actinote MB series (better than their MA ICs).

Have you heard the Equation 25 speakers and the Prelude Reference MK2 speakers?
Thx for the feedback.
I was considering the vecteur L4.2.
Another contender was the consonance 120 or the Musical Fidelity X-RAY V3 CD Player.

The consonance is less money, so i can invest more in the cables; the siltech G5-sq28 (ic) and siltech g5 cables LS 88.

Should i invest more in the cd-player or in the cables?

Thx a lot.