Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home

In a previous post I was looking for input between B&W 803, 703 and Monitor Audio GR60 and someone suggested checking out SF GPH, which I did at the local Hi-Fi Buys. The soundstage and imaging were incredible but the bass wasn't very tight. Of course, the electronics weren't the greatest and the room was horrible. I might try these but first I have a couple of questions: I noticed that these are 6 Ohm speakers, what are the implications, will it work ok with my 200 (@8, [email protected]) WPC Sunfire Ultimate receiver? It didn't offer bi-wiring, is this something I should make sure I get at this price point and above? Any other input on these speakers, the center channel, and the rears would be appreciated.
Personally, I like the fact that there are only two binding posts.
Unless you are going to bi-amp, I'd rather have the speaker
designer handle the crossovers internally, leaving me with only
one connection to make. I also think you'll find that the bass
will be tighter with better amplification and room placement.
When I heard the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Homes, the bass
was nice, tight, nicely detailed and musical.
Hi there! I auditioned the Grand Piano Home some weeks back. For the price you can't go wrong. It's great for home theatre. But I found it a bit rough for music. I bought the Cremona Auditor instead. Much finer sounding but not a lot of bass. No deep bass but I prefer it to the Homes. Check it out.
you 'll must match it with great electronics, and it will reward you. Also find the Gp plain not home , with the passive radiator instead of front bass reflex.

Check sweet sounding class A power amps or real big ss amps.