sonus faber..Grand Piano Domus vs Cremona Auditor

Anyone listened to both these speakers? Im selling my Linn C4200s amps and getting a Linn Klimax Chakra Twin. Im looking for pluses and minuses for both..especially with my setup. thx
i've listened to both and believe both are great, balanced, speakers. i would however would tell you that with linn electronics, the piano is probably the easier match....and for what its worth, the better for all types of music including orchestra, prog rock, and non audiophile recordings. in its price range...(used is even better)....its an evergreen.
I listened to the Cremona Auditor and the Concerto Domus... in which the Cremona was handily better. I have not yet listened to the Grand Piano Domus though.

But I would be surprised if you found the GP better than the Cremona Auditor if you were able to integrate a sub.
I am not sure if any monitor would be a good match with the Klimax twin. I tried it with the Auditors for a few months, but the sound was always lean and it I yearned for some meat on the bones, so to speak. I would assume a full range would be a better match with the twin.
well all that said i would be of the thougt that thers no real reason to think i could add any more real tangibull bull if i had said it myself. in closeing stfu or ill turn off the internet
Tuff one

But i would chose the cremona auditor , its sound much more refinet and dynamic.

I have heard the klimax twin with the auditor , well its not thick dark sound its very neutral .
The klimax gear is very senctiv to upstream gear, enything under the klimax kontrol class ads leannes to the sound.

I have the solos and the do not sound lean at all, the sound amazing.