Sonus Faber Finish Maintenace

I bought a pair of Amati Futura's in the red wood on Audiogon a few months ago. Does anyone have any insight into finish maintenance? 

I just use a soft dust brush to clean my speakers.

I wouldn't recommend using any polish or wax on the speakers. If you need to get fingerprints off, some very mild soap and water with a soft cloth and then follow up with a damp soft cloth for rinsing. Follow that up with a dry terrycloth towel to dry with.

Nice speakers by the way.

I've been using Meguires Next Tech 2.0 was with my Dynaudio C1 sigs and Raidho D2's without problem. That said if you do use car wax make sure it's just wax and NOT a cleaner wax. I also use a high quality microfiber cloth. It takes away swirl marks too. Sometimes I also use a quick detailer like Mothers and Meguires. Turtle wax Liquid Ice was recommended by Dynaudio.
..depends how the wood is finished.  I have upgraded Vandersteens with a polymer finish...Vandersteen says an occasional light spray of Pledge. 
I would just use a clean Swiffer duster for regular dust-removal maintenance.  The finish is likely a polyurethane, which means it's pretty tough.  I would just use a microfiber cloth with a spritz of auto detail spray, like the ones offered by Griots or Mequires.  The main thing is to wipe very gently in straight lines and don't use abrasive cloths like paper towels.  If you don't have microfiber, a soft 100% cotton cloth will also be OK, but microfiber is the best.  
I think staying AWAY from wax’s and the like is important. The SF’s are finished in a VERY high gloss...ANY ( and I do mean ANY) minor grit will mar the finish! Always use a microfiber cloth and I believe best to have it dry and obviously clean. The string grills are another question altogether??? I have never heard any recommendation that made sense on these. Frankly IMHO, the string grills are one stupid idea; although they do look good ( while they last).