Sonus Faber fans: Liuto vs. Cremona Auditor M?

These two Sonus Faber products are now close in price, as the Auditors are being discounted.

Anyone compared them and have thoughts?

I mostly listen to classical and jazz in a moderate sized room; bass isn't that important to me.

Thanks for your opinions!
Personally, I'd go for the Liuto. It is a rare overachiever in its price bracket. Perfectly balanced over the frequency spectrum (actually, even if not your primary focus, this speaker goes remarkably deep but without a trace of fatness or sluggishness). Superb understandability of vocals, which will be important if your classical range comprises opera. Tonality it is as precise as they come, and as to jazz, this speaker knows how to groove as well.
Why I prefer it over Cremona M? I have never really been bothered by the slight touch of warmish, "broad brush" painting that SF sometimes offered - and that some dislike - because in revenge the speakers I heard always did music as opposed to just sound. Rest assured the Liuto still exerts the emotional grip and, imho, without any sonic compromise.
Anyway, as always, proof of the pudding will be in eating it yourself, have fun!
I would like to hear some opnions about these two speakers as I will be upgrading from my concerto domus speakers. I planned on going to the cremora Ms, but would like to hear more about either speaker if anyone has any opinions or has compared them.
I was in the same boat 8 months ago. I went in looking at the Luito also. The offers being given on the Cremona M Auditors was just too good to pass up. I bought the M Auditors/stands/REL B2 sub base system for $6500 new out-the-door. I had the Auditor Ms a few weeks before the REL arrived. The midrange is exquisite, but the bass output is unbelievable for a 6" driver. I think I could have been happy without the REL, but now is not the time to second-guess my choice. The Cremona Ms (floor stander) couls have been had for around $9000. Having listend to both the Luito and Auditor Ms extensively I felt the Cremonas were much smoother in the top end, silky midrange and tighter bass than the Luitos. The finish on the Auditors was so much more elegant than the Luitos. Keep in mind you will need great equipment for the cremona line - no AVRs or big-box store electronics. I am using McIntosh C2300 pre, MC252 amp, Rega P7 TT, Rotel RC-1072 CDP.
Miner, thank you very much for your detailed respose. I would be buying the floor standing cremoras. I have been using Pathos integrated the last two years mono-blocked with ny concertos. I have been very happy with that combo and have heard the cremora ms with the patohos and like it very much. Obviously, the Liutos are cheaper, thus my question. I haven't been able to hear the both together. You have been a big help.
Months... almost a year since this original post... does this still ring true for everyone? I just purchased a pair of Liuto's with the potential to own the Cremona M auditor's in graphite (a beautiful color). Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

For the record the Liuto's sound amazing... are the Cremona M's that much sweeter?

Thanks in advance...
Simply - yes. There is a much more audible difference between the Auditor Ms and Luitos that there is between the Auditor Ms and Guareni Momentos - IMHO of course. With that said I plan on upgrading to the GMs when funds allow.
The Cremona's have since found a new home in my listening space... and all I can say is "wow." Detailed but retaining musicality throughout. Less warm than the Liuto's but that may also be because the Cremona M Auditor's utilize free-space and sound much more open than the Liuto's.

Oh well... next stop; Guarneri... :)
I was the original poster, and I ultimately went with the Cremona Auditor Ms after several comparisons. To my ear, the Cremona Auditor Ms had a little more depth and detail. I'm very happy with my purchase -- but I don't think you'd go wrong with the Liuto either. Thanks to all who advised me, and good luck to you.
I just bought my auditor m 3 days ago and now I listen to music 6 hours a day. note the word music is used because I hear radiohead the band is playing in my listening room when I put their CD on (most system components are only with 15 hours towards break on). I second Miner42 when he said the bass is amazing for such small speakers. need to be properly place, of course.

my system
- sonus faber auditor m with stand
- mcintosh: mcd500, c48 preamp, mc302 amp. 
- 2 nordost red dawn balanced xlr interconnect,
- audio note an spx speaker cables 
- solid tech rack of silence

I hope you all can find your audio nirvanas.


Its your ears and your cash.
I just purchased the Auditor Cremona M yesterday and I am bringing it into my system. So far they sound amazing.
how much you paid for your auditor m? i assume it come with stands. there's a pair asking $4500(too pricey)