Sonus Faber Extremas with Sub or Amati Homages

Hi, I have a chance to get the Sonus Faber Extremas with either a Rel Stentor Sub or the Talon Roc sub. Or I can get the Sonus Faber Amati Homages. I wish I could A/B the speakers. I really like both speakers. I heard the Extremas with the Talon Roc sub.
I own Extremas, I suggest them, they use the dynaudio drivers that are superior. I have used them with velodyne f-15, sunfire arc. sig subs, talon roc 1, it does not matter what you use it will destroy the magic, trust me I tried, these speakers were voiced without subs
Sonus Faber Amati Homages is my choice if you need a seemless transitions between cycles.Not as transparent as the Extrema's but has a much stronger presence and wider staging than the cant go wrong with either one but my choice definitely be the Homages.I heard them both in the same listening room back to back with the same electronics and IMHO the Homages was suitable for my lifestyle(large room) and listening material(vocals,large essembles,fusion)..I the tightness of craftmanship of Sonus Fabers speakers is second to none...
The Extremas mate well with the bigger REL subs, no contradiction of Sscot1961's experience whatsoever. The Rel's are just superior to the subs he specified for pairing with Sonus Fabers.
Sscot1961, actually the midbase on the Extremas is a Skaaning. The Skaaning is a Carbon Fiber Polypropelene midbase. This is the best sounding midbase I ever heard. It has a richness that no other midbase has. I like it better then the new Skaaning midbases which are 100 percent Polypropelene. Its amazing, this Midbase on the Extremas is 10 years old and i'v yet to hear a better sounding midbase.

I used to own Extrema and now own the Amati. I still miss the Extrema though and wish I didn't sell them. I wasn't aware the Skanning in Extrema was carbon fiber PP, does that also apply to the Guarneri? Guarneri has been in production for a long long time, wonder if they change the driver over the years. I do know Sonus Faber make it easier to drive, probably due to the driver change?

As for Extrema being more transparent than Amati, I don't quite agree. They sound different, I will be happy to live with either speakers.
Semi, the midbase in the Guarneri's is 100 percent polypropelene. There's no carbon fiber in it. I think its a great midbase, but the Skaaning midbase in the Extremas was my favorite sounding midbase. I rate the JM Lab W Cone midbase the 2nd best sounding midbase I'v heard.
Thanks for the info, Twilo. I absolutely love the Extrema's midbase as well, but I also find Scanspeak carbon doped paper cone to have wonderful sound with a naturalness that's not often found on PP cone.