Sonus Faber Extrema vs. Guarneri

As I dream & wonder- Has anyone compared these two speakers? Differences? Similarities? Your preference & reasons?

I know there's a new & pricey Guarneri Momento as well. Big Bucks!
rubinken,Putting aside the differences in age and the wealth of tech: knowledge garnered during that time, to me it is still a "no contest" vote!
the Extrema ,imho still holds the hallmark of fundemental truth that even the "full range" homages don't replicate
Indeed, sometimes LESS IS MORE!
To be fair have NOT heard the new memorial edition, but just look for a used Extrema's like hen's teeth!
Extrema, no doubt. But the others are less expensive to both buy and operate (i.e. amplification and set-up).
I have heard both,though not in comparison.Both fine products,BUT,the Extrema blew me away,with it's dynamic/harmonic presentation!!They are my favorite Sonus product.A classic,in every way!BTW--they do benefit from an add on super tweeter,as the fine silk dome rolls a bit too low.Other than that,"world class"!Oh,I forgot to add,STUNNING looks as well.Different and gorgeous!

Wow, there's 100% agreement that the Extremas are 'superior' to the Guarneri. That's impressive when I realize they're about 15 years old. I don't see Extremas available for purchase frequently.

1)Any guesstimate as to used price per pair of Extremas with stands?
2)Should I have any oncerns about how old/used they would be?
...another perspective. The 2 speakers don't lend themselves to simple comparison. Extrema is an outstanding "full range" monitor, moves a lot of air, great dynamic range, large power requirements and has looks one either loves...or chooses to tolerate. Guarneri is a limited range monitor (requiring good sub IMO), pairs great w standard tube amplification and has imaging and nuance detail on voice/chamber settings that is tough to beat...but not a rocker by any means. I haven't heard the new Momento version.
I think music preference and listening style become a decisive factor. Both have "rave" followers.
They run $5500-$4000. You are right ,they are a rare find on the used market. I think there is a pair in Europe for sale on the gon.
I have never heard the Guarneri.(but would love to)
In 1993 I heard the Extremas in Sacramento... they are still the best Speaker I have heard. I believe at that time they were $12,000. That's alot of $ for Stand mounted monitors!
I ended up buying Audio Physic Virgo IIs, My second favorite for $2200 used. Someday I will own a pair of Extremas. From what I have read their drivers standup very well to the ravages of age. (At my age my drivers are blown) Also they can handle huge dynamic passages at high SPLs without breaking a sweat.
Trust me,I was in absolute amazement at the "complete" level of performance from the Extremas(I don't own a Sonus product,but can easily be honest,here).It did both subtle detail,gorgeous timbres and really amazing dynamics aplenty!It is DEFINITELY in need of powerful,super clean amps though.I thought it was superior to any Sonus product I have heard(just opinion),though I have not heard the Strad!
As to looks,it sort of reminded me of a BIG Kharma Exquisite Minimonitor,on a stand,only in solid(gorgeous)wood.The "indented lines" running down the top to front reminded me(in a good way)of that comparison.
As from what I can surmise,these were discontinued("what MORONS")because they were too tough a load to drive,as so many Euro hobbyists like to run low power amps.
I believe if introduced now,with the realization of better solid state,and tube designs,they would be a viable product.
I envy the "LUCKY" few who have,or can get a "MINT" pair.
Wife acceptance factor should be really high on these "masterpieces"!
I have been at this hobby for over 35 years and few designs "scream" heirloom quality,as these do.Sometimes a really great design doesn't need to be replaced,just because some review /marketing plan decides to push another design(good or not).Some products really stand the test of time.Just ask the "classic car" collector,or "classic watch" collector.

Best of luck!!
I concur with your views on the Extremas. While they are great sounding speakers, they are not the best to my ears (maybe there are no best, just a matter of taste). Speakers must not only sound great, they must also look great and that's one of the main reasons I own them. These are certainly what classics and legends are made of.
Thf,I never stated I thought they were the "best".I implied that I thought they were a superb speaker.As I'm sure you know,there is no best of anything,but a heck of alot of really good stuff.That's the fun of it all!

I heard them at the '93 San Fran show with the best Denon stuff in a big room. Not as good as the Audio Artistry Beethovens with Rowland gear('96 CES), but VERY nice.
Tabl10s, yes, the Beethovens may be better but I believe Denons don't do Extremas justice even though I have not heard this combination before. The Extremas need great clean power. They sound best with gears like Gryphon Antileons, Pass labs XA series and other similar Class A stuff.