Sonus Faber Exrtrema!

I've never heard a pair but notice that they seem to have some kind of legendary status. Are they that great or are they hyped and easily outperformed by more recent speakers such as the Revel?
I heard the Sonus Faber Extremas, at the Stereophile show in 96, in NYC. I to thought, how good can a pair of mini monitors be. I heard them in the Meridian room. The system was 2 Meridian 557 Amps bridged, Meridian 502 Preamp, Meridian 566 Dac, 518 Jitter reducer and the 500 Transport. I can tell you this, I was blown away how good these speakers sounded. The Extremas were so sweet and articulate sounding. Plus the bass was fast and tight. I later learned, the 7 inch midbase on the Extremas, is by Scanning. Scanning started Scanspeak and worked for Dynaudio. The Scanning midbase is incredible. Verity speakers also use the Scanning Drivers. The Extremas use the Dynaudio Esotar for the tweeter, which is one of the best tweeters. To sum this up, the Extremas were amazing sounding. They just sounded so sweet and silky. The Meridian 557 Amps sounded great with them.
I owned a pair of Extremas for almost 4 years. Despite the opinion within the previos post, I would not call this a minimonitor. The Extremas were a unique product at the time they first made their way to the US back in 1992. But in today's high end environment, I believe they are outclassed by many other speakers at their price point, including Sonus Faber's own Guarneri Homage.
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