Sonus Faber Electa Amator III with Hegel at RMAF

I spent a day this past weekend at this year's RMAF and was fortunate to listen to Sonus Faber's Electa Amator IIIs that were partnered with Hegel's new 390.  I was very impressed especially at how deep the SF EA3s went.  They are also a stunning speaker visually!  Walnut, Carrera Marble, Leather and Brass!  No surprise here.

I have the new Hegel and am looking for a great pair of bookshelf speakers; SF EA3, Magico A1 or JA Pulsar2.

Unfortunately Magico did not bring anything from the A line and while Joseph Audio came he did not have his new Pulsar2 Graphene to demo.

I live in CO and there are no Magico or Joseph Audio dealers locally.

So I either go for the SF EA3 now or try to run into a dealer (or two) that carries the Magico and JA during one of my travels to the West Coast.  


You would most likely prefer the match between the Hegel and the Sonus or the Joseph's.

The Magico's Beryillium/Diamond tweeter is going to be a bit forward with the Hegel which tends towards the clean and visceral sounding. 

The combination of the clean, dynamic with excellent bass control of the Hegel works wonders with the liquid sound of the Sonus. 

We would say to just go for it if you loved the sound you will already, know what you are going to get.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
The SF EA3 is what you heard and liked...nothing wrong in that. The Magico, while it might be a good speaker, would probably be like Dave and Troy stated. Therefore, +1 @ Dave and Troy.
Thanks guys!

Greatly appreciate your input.

Some people on AG heard the A3 being “dark”. Some heard it bright and forward, shouldn’t you listen to it on the Hegel first before you speculate?

I own it. It is neither dark nor forward and does sound very natural on the Hegel (  

@mheinze You are right, the OP should absolutely listen to the A1 ( NOT the A3, as he wasn’t asking about that speaker...even though you thought to defend that model, as you own it). I recommended (speculated) what I did because...and here it is...I TOTALLY dislike the hard bright beryllium tweeter that so many folks here like...and that so many manufacturer’s (including Magico) are still using. Could the OP cotton to that tweeter...sure.
I strongly suspect that Dave and Troy suggested what they did, for exactly the same reason. They can state that if it is the case.
Thanks again for everyone's input.

At the present Magico A1s won't be readily available until November so I have some time.