Sonus Faber Electa Amator II

Has anyone heard these speakers. Any opinions?
You should also inquire about the EA "1", as I've heard various opinions that one or the other is better. I think that the original used the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter, which is held by many to be best in the world. I would also like to hear more about either. I know that these speakers play really LOW for a monitor. I am really happy with my B&W Nautilus 805s, but I know that there are better speakers out there.
The EAII's can really sing if driven by a high resolution, high powered amp. I am currently driving a pair with a Plinius SA-250-MK-IV with very satisfying results..In the right room, the EAII's can offer suprising Bass,I estimate that in my room I am achieving Bass in the high 30's.
Go to Audio Review. There are a lot of reviews there on the 1 and 2. Reads pretty biased on what is owned by the reviewer but there are a few reviews by those who have had both. I have heard neither. Sold my Concertos in favor of nOrh 7s.