Sonus Faber Electa Amator 2 vs Eggleston Isabel


I am looki to buy a new pair of speakers I have listened to Sonus Faber Electa Amator 2 and they sound nice, but I am interested in Eggleston Works Isabel as well and unfortunately I never headr them and can't audiotion them because there is no destributor in my contry.
I need a help with decision.
I like the part in Eggleston Works and I think they should sound good.
What's the rest of your system?
The Andras are very good speakers and they will tell you what your electronics are doing. I do not know how they would sound with your Krell 300i and Sony SACD.
I would think with those electronics you might want 'forgiving' speakers that won't make the electronics sound so bright and forward, as those components in particular can sound.
I used to own the original Electa Amators and now own the Guarneri Homage monitors. I can say that the Electa Amators would fill a room with amazing ease and are true to the music. They are beautifully made. They produce exceptional bass for a small speaker and disappear well. The adjustable height stands are a dream to use allowing infinite changes for room dimensions and seating height. I think the 2's with the ABR are easier to drive than the originals. The new tweeter may not be the same as the Esotar in the originals. I really loved mine.