Sonus Faber EA II being replaced?

Hi, I've heard that the Sonus Faber Electra Amator II is being replaced in the SF line. This, after I've finally had a chance to hear a pair after all these years. Do any of you know anything about the replacement for this speaker? Can you confirm that it is being replaced?
I just purchased a new/demo pair (and am pleased), and yes, I was told that the new Cremona Auditor is in essence a replacement for the EA II's. From what I was told, the auditor, at least from "looks" standpoint, doesn't have quite the fit and finish of the EA II's. If you like the EA II's, I'd highly recommend nabbing a pair!
THANK GOD!!! The original EA's where much MUCH better speakers! The EAII's were a DECIDED step down in sound quality! Even the $3500 GRand Piano's from SF were better! a lot!!
I only hope SF will replace the OVERPRICED, UNDERQUALITIED EAII with something more befitting the SF reputation.
Other than that, it's all good...
Don't hold your breath, the SF Cremona was one of the biggest letdowns I've heard from Sonus and this will be just a mini monitor version of that.
My brother owns an EA1 and its superb looking and sound just as good as it looks, but I dont think the Cremona Auditor is far from its fit and finish, I think it looks richer much richer (sleek) ,exotic and for those of you who have not seen it clearly, Here take a look! Click on the image please: