Sonus Faber EA 1 vs. EA 2

I would like some comments about the SOUND and CHARACTERISTICS of the Electra Amator 1 vs. 2. I KNOW that the 1 has the fabled Esotar tweeter and the 2 has the less expensive Scanspeak tweeter (although I have heard that this speaker has been customized exclusively for S.F. and is not just an "off the shelf" unit). I'm more interested in the overall presentation of the different and contrast! Thanks, all!
I know that you specifically asked for comparisons but I have never heard the newer model. I own a pair of Extremas which also has the Esotar tweeter and I auditioned a pair of EA with the Esotar tweeter.

I was considering an upgrade form my SF Electors and sat down to listen to the the EA's. The only term I can use to describe them is awe struck. They sounded beyond what I thought was technologically possible and after an hour of there sweet sound I had to hear the Extremas. The only thing I could think of was if they sound that good what does the Extrema sound like.

The highs are so sweet, natural, and refined. They image like crazy and you cant help but to tap your foot when listening to them.

I did find one draw back though. The treble is so full that you need a lot of bass to level them out. I bought a Rel Stentor which I thought fell a little short. The rel is the bass equvalant of the SF treble but there just wasnt enough volume in one sub to get good balance. I ended up with two Stentors and have been in audio heaven since.

No matter which one you choose get yourself a couple of Rels to go with them.

Whichever model you decide to get, you cannot go wrong with it! I had both versions in my system for quite a long time and they are absolutely some of the best small speakers on the planet. Both are very well balanced, highly musical, with rich colors and refinement everywhere in the spectrum.

Both are excellent although with a little different strengths. I really can't say which is better; it would depend on your personal taste and the electronics you have. In my opinion the EAI has a little darker and thicker midrange (which particularly suits male vocals), a little more detailed and refined treble and is somewhat less dynamic. It does strings particularly well (actually, aside from Guarneri, I've never heard any truer textures to cello or violin). The EAII does not seem to be shelved down in the upper mids and therefore may sound a little bit brighter. The top end is very nice and smooth if a little less refined than that of the EAI. It's also a little more dynamic and the bass goes deeper.

Both are fairly easy to drive (nothing like the power hungry Extrema that can easily drain all the current even from a 350W beast - trust me, I've tried it!), however I wouldn't pair the EAI with any low-powered tube amps - it really needs some watts for the bass to gain the extra slam and extension. The EAII on the other can be matched with a wider variety of amps, either tube or solid state.

Both speakers have amazingly deep and dynamic bass that belies their size. No subwoofer would be necessary in a small to medium size rooms. In bigger space REL subs seem to be a particularly great match.

I hope this helps.
I was asking the same question about a year ago. I found that the EA2 will sound good with a wider range of electronics including the high end home theater stuff. The EA1 requires an investment in high current amplification to really bring out its true capabilites. What made the decision easy for me was the fact that the two most knowledgeable salesmen at the local Sonus Faber dealer who can get a great deal on the EA2 for themselves both have the EA1 which they bought on the used market for their personal systems. I've gone the same route and never looked back.
I own a pair of Electa-Amator II ; this speakers are fantastic, the detail highs are amazing; get a Gravis sub like me and you will be set for life.