Sonus Faber Driver Blowouts

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Monitor M speakers and had to replace the driver in one of them after 3 or 4 years. Now a 3 years later, according to the dealer, the same speaker requires another new driver. Has anyone
else had this problem with these speakers or other Sonus Faber speakers? I am wondering if something in the speaker wiring is blowing out the drivers. The dealer stated the driver wires were simply wrapped around the post rather than soldered so he soldered the wires onto the post, but still no sound. I live in an apartment with neighbors all around, so I do not play music loud. There must be something causing the drivers to blow. Any suggestions?  The drivers are $650 and to put new drivers in every 3 years does not seem normal or acceptable.
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probably too much DC into speaker. 2...3V enough to fry.
Speakers are 10 years or so old a 2 way puts a lot of stress on midwoofer toss in modern adhesives foams etc many are failing and that maybe a issue I have not noticed any longevity in modern design and it seems that many modern loudspeakers etc are already failing.  I have drivers and loudspeakers from 1930s up. In my experience modern designs are not holding up as well and I have had many modern transducers fail while the old ones just keep working. And sad thing about many modern drivers is limited repair-ability most designed to be binned if any issues.
Thank you for the comment, however, as stated I do not play music loud since I live in an apt near neighbors. There are occasions where loud noises do occur. For example, if watching a movie and there is an explosion there is definitely an increase in volume noise and there is a lot of sound distortion. I have an Anthem MRX700 receiver with 120 watts per 7 channels and 8 ohms. The SF Monitor M are 40 -150 watts and 4 ohms. Shouldn’t this receiver be powerful enough for these speakers? If not then is there a booster of sorts (pre amp or pre pro) available to boost the power of the receiver?
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I agree with others, find a stereo amplifier that has enough current to reach its rated output into a 2 ohm load.   Generally, while your Anthem is a fine surround sound processor, an outboard two channel amplifier will have a much bigger transformer and be able to deliver much more power at peaks.  
You may need to set the home theater to small for mains.  
I had a driver on a SF Cremona Auditor M go out as well. It wasn’t played loudly and was driven by a 500 watt Wyred 4 Sound amp. So it had plenty of clean power. I have yet to replace the driver.
There is something inherently wrong with the design.I have heard of other problems with Sonus Faber i certainly would never recommend these to anyone.I also think they do not have the best service.Good luck though!!
life isn't fair i know.
i'm sure that sonus faber will be very glad to sell you extra driver or few just in case to have replacement ones. after all, you all need to replace tires unless you plan to replace vehicle before tires worn.

My SF Auditor M mid woofer starts to have the rubber surround tear/crack, though its still working, i wonder if there's any parts i can use for the surround foam/rubber replacement?

Anyone know the actual manufacturer/part number of the Auditor M tweeter and driver? It'll be helpful if can share, I can't seem to locate and trust me I tried to google for quite some times, but no part number no any good picture to confirm such for Auditor M.

Appreciate any's feedback on this