Sonus Faber Domus GP vs ProAc Response 2.5

I have an opportunity to purchase a used pair of ProAc or SF and have listened to each separately, but not not side by side. I am running an Anthem D1 and AR 100.2 front end, and primarily listen to jazz(classic, fusion, smooth, etc), RB and classical via CD and vinyl. Current speakers are Maggies 2.6R that I hate to part with, but my wife says the Maggies must go. Recommendations please!
Between those 2 - SF. Easy.
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I listened to both and my personal preference was the 2.5's. Yes, I purchased a pair. Listen to both and good luck.
Sonus Fabers house sound was never my cup of tea. I prefer the Response 2.5. The only thing I don't like about the Proacs is the conversative British looks but they do sound quite spectacular. The build quality on the Sonus Faber Domus line of speakers is of higher standard than the Proacs, if aesthetics play a part for you. The Italians do make beautiful cabinets.