Sonus Faber Cremonas or Dali Euphonia MS4

I have a question to audiogonners familiar with these speakers. Which would be better for MF A3.2cr dual monoblock amp, Cremonas for $5k, or Dali's for $4k.
Jazz, classical, american standards, some classic rock.
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I prefer the Cremonas. Have not heard them with MF, but with ARC and TacT (now Lyngdorf). Sounds sweeter and more like music to me than the Euphonias which are too much of hifi I think.
Cremona is in my opinion, and that's all any of this is, the better sounding speaker.
Definitely the Cremonas to my ears. While I liked some of Dali's speakers, the MS4s and MS5s were not my cup of tea at all. The Cremonas, on the other hand are very nice sounding indeed.

I heard Both I picked Cremona.
Thanks guys. I forgor to mention Dali's are MS4 Euphonia.
Dali MS4's sound way more musical.

I bought them.

I prefer the "LOOKS" of the Cremona's.
I am not familar with the Sonus Faber Cremonas but I auditioned the Dali Euphonia M4's around one year ago and I thought they were outstanding. They are very open and detailed but NOT bright and thin sounding. I found them to be very "musical" with great PRAT. I owned Spendor SP 1/2's for years so I am certainly not in the analytical camp. To me one of the worst sins a speaker can commit is to sacrifice the true weight and body of instruments and voices in an attempt to squeeze out phony detail.
thanks guys, I just bought B&W 802N, mint condition, sounds awesome with Musical Fidelity A3.2cr
thanks again