Sonus Faber Cremona what amp do you use

I am considering to buy Lamm LL 2 preamp and looking for amp for my speakers, your suggestions please. Also other Cremona users what pre/amp combos do you own ?


Mainly for Jazz, Classics, Soul
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IMHO I think that Conrad Johnson tube amplification goes great with the Cremonas. I use a CJ Art 2 preamp with a CJ Premier 140. Beautiful clear midrange, and lots of detail and different timbres. Very transparent, your source material needs to be of high sonic quality, or it will be ruthlessly exposed.
Good luck.

thanks Steve,
I am considering also cj 17lsII with ss amp like Plinius Krell or Pass
I had Pass X-350 on them before. Cremona is a litte dry on top, so is Pass. I will recommend something more liquid and airy on top, high power tube will be my recommendation.

I am using BAT VK-75SE with Amati, soon will get another pair of Cremona to play with. BAT is slightly under power for my Cremona Auditor in my 18x14 room, but sound is pristine.
I am also looking at Cremona's and currently have a McIntosh MC352. Does anyone know how well they would match up?

I am Former Vice President of THIEL Audio, and former President Emeritus of Von Schweikert Audio, and very familiar with the speakers. I tried to privately email you to discuss this, but was unsuccessful.
If you would like well thought out response I am happy to give counsel.
You may email me [email protected]