sonus faber cremona vs jmlab mezzo utopia.

anybody advise which they prefer since iam planning changing my mezzos to cremona, will i be dissapointed.
The Cremona is a very warm sounding speaker especially in the mids, it will lack some of the details and bass slam of the JM Labs. It depends on your musical preference and what equipment you have in yor system. The Sonus require some watts to make them really sing.

Happy Listening.
Yea, it depends on what you want. The JM will have a little more analytical detail and mechanical representation even with tubes. All though they are goosebump risers on perfect recordings. The Sonus will have more of a warm musicality that I prefer. It is really preference. Both are nice speakers. If you do the JM's I would sugggest using tubes for best results. Good Listening!

Better test Cremona and the new line Jm lab utopia series.

I got Cremona.
Why do you want to replace the Mezzo's.
I second Twilo I have a pair of Mezzo`s and would only replace them with a pair of Kharma`s. Sonus Faber makes a great product but I dont beleive moving to the Cremona would be a upgrade but the Amati that`s moving up the food chain. David
Kops you say you got Crem on ya....sounds like a personal problem!! LOL ...just kidding!! Sorry I couldn't resist!
No problem Gmood1 , humor is more essential than hi-fi to me also.

But Cremona rulez! (haha)