Sonus faber cremona versus focal berylium1038

I am planning to buy a new pair of speakers. I lcan not decide among Focal's berylium 1038's live and straigthforward sound and sonus Faber Cremona's subtle but beautiful soundstage. I listen to rock or alternative music more than classical. If I could have afforded I would have bought Focal Utopia series' Stella. Berylium 1038 a bit resembles to this series but I think Cremonas belongs to a completely different approach. i think they need a sub to support lower frequencies. Any suggestions ?
Of course only your ears can make the decision but it sounds like you already made your decision in this comment "Focal's berylium 1038's live and straigthforward sound...I listen to rock or alternative music more than classical." Sounds to me the Focals suits you more.
I'm not familiar with the Focal's but I have the SF Cremona M's which I bought after auditioning a number of speakers in that price range. I listen primarily to classical music and my criterion for choosing a speaker, or any other piece of equipment, is how close it comes to reproducing the sound and "feel" of a live musical performance in a concert hall. Some people describe the sound of the SF as "warm" and I guess that's a fair description. It's very appealing because it's so musical as opposed to being clinical and analytical.

I do use a sub with the Cremona's, only because I have a number of pipe organ recordings with pedal tones down to the 20 Hz range. Otherwise the Cremona's are solid to 40 Hz, where they start to roll off in my 13'x24' room. There is still audible response at about 35 Hz but not much below that.
I own a pair of the Focal 1038BEs. I think they are great floor standing speakers. I did a demo of the Focal Utopia Scalas and really loved their sound. They do present a live, you are there sound (at least to my untrained ears). I found that the 1038s were a compromise - essentially, a smaller version of the Scalas. I'm sure the Stellas are even more impressive.

I don't have much experience with Sonus Faber, so I can only give you my opinion of the 1038BEs. I would recommend a musical sub (or two) to go with the 1038BEs as well as they are not the strongest low end performers. Again, this is just my opinion.

It is hard to find out if a set of speakers is for you on a 1-3 hour listening session with other people's gear. I did many demos. Finally, bit the bullet on Focal Scala's little brother and I am thrilled that I did. They get better every day.