Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors with low power amp?

Hi folks. I've been away for a while dealing with personal stuff. Had to sell my system but I am slowly getting back into audio. Anyway, I have some SF Auditors (not M) and need to find an integrated to go with it. Was thinking about going low power class A, like the Pass Int-30A. I used to own the Pass XA 160 and loved them. I dont tend to listen to my music very loudly.

So do you folks think this amp (60w @ 4 ohms) will mate well with the Auditors? Any other integrated suggestions? My budget is around $3K. Thank you.
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Yea that will be fine - of course depending on your listening level. But at 88db 60W is enough if you don't listen to Rage Against The Machine at full head banging volume.

When I first read the title of your post, I was imagining "low power" to mean a SET or something - which would be a bad combo for the SF's. If you're talking 60W of Class A power, you should be fine. I haven't heard the Pass integrated, but I have heard a pair of original Auditors with a Luxman Class A integrated (40W @ 4ohms I believe) and it was very nice combo. Dynamic and punchy. Good luck!
I have some Auditor Ms that I use with a McIntosh MC452 (450w/ch) and rarely do I get above 45w/ch. You shoudl be fine with 60w/ch as long as you do not like high listening levels.
Thanks guys! Much appreciated! Now I need to find me an amp in my budget!

I don't know if an Int-30A will be enough. I tried an XA 30.5 in my system and it ran out of gas and became muddy on complex passages. It was sweet when it was clean though.