Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor - to grill or not to grill

Hi all! 

I'm helping a neighbor sell his set of Cremona Auditor speakers, however the string grill on both is very loose. Looking around at various threads, it looks like an official replacement will be anywhere from $500-1000, and tightening them myself would be pretty labor intensive. 

As a prospective buyer, would this be something you'd look for in terms of a huge price difference, or not terribly? 

Thanks for the help - not super knowledgeable about high end audio!
As a buyer, I'd expect a lower price if the grill, strings or otherwise, is damaged. Depending on your selling/asking price you might be better off getting it fixed.
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Grills are very easy to restring - material can be bought from a fabric shop.  Just requires a bit of effort.  I would say ask for $150 reduction.