Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor - 50 watt tube amp ok?

I'm hoping someone can tell me if the Sonus Faber auditors are a good match with a 50 watt tube integrated amp or if they need more power. the sales person i spoke to was more confused than i am...god help the audio world.
thanks in advance
My local Sonus dealer was recently running Cremona's using a 50w Nagra amp with excellent results. They also heard from Sonus that they use a 50w tube amp when developing and testing their speakers so you should be fine with 50W as well.
great info.thanks!
ive auditioned these speakers in three stores..they need LOTS of power...which is why i am hesitating about whether to buy them...the problem emerges at low volume -- they just don't sound very full, so you feel like you need to keep turning up the volume
Though not valves, the Cremona Auditors match well with my 50W YBA Integre DT. They should be exceptional with a 50W valve integrated, provided your room is not too big.