Sonus Faber: Concerto vs Home?

What are the differences between the two? Specifically, the Grand Piano's. I know the Home is newer, but does the Concerto sound better?

Any opinions/comments would be appreciated, thanks
Concerto: a bit more ''Romantic'' sounding, very smooth but not as dynamic as the Home.

Home: More definition, high frequencies may sound a tad bright sometimes, very nice low-end extension for its size.

Not sure about this last one: I think the Home is shielded where the Concerto is not.

I owned both, the Home sounded great with tubes, less with solid state, where the Concerto sounded nice, but with less resolutiion, with both tubes and SS. Needs some power to make them come alive though, I would say 100 watts minimum.

good luck,

thanks mike, that helps
i'm looking for a pair of Concerto bi-wire, if anyone is
upgrading, please let me know, thanks