Sonus Faber CONCERTO-Tube people, how much power..

Sonus Faber CONCERTO-
Anyone using tubes with this speakers?
If so............ your room size and what kind of power are you using, anyone with small tube integrateds driving these?

Appreciate it

I used to have a pair of the original Concerto Grand Piano's and drove them very nicely in a medium sized room with a 70 watt per channel c-j Premier 11a. When I switched amps to an Air Tight ATM-1 with 30 watts per channel I found them to be too tough a load for that amp. Almost, but not quite. I would get some soft clipping in the sense of compression during loud passages or bass heavy music. I then switched speakers to Alon Lotus's, problem solved. Based on that I would imagine at least 50 tube watts if not 70. That would be a minimum, but the more the better, Sonus Fabers are known for being a bit power hungry. Good luck.
I have a pair and am using a Dynaco ST-35 (restored and upgraded) with 0.01uF caps in series with the input jacks thereby eliminating all response beneath 80Hz. I use a REL sub for the LF material. Sounds great and plays very very well. Excellent amo\p for this speaker as long as it is modified as such.

Let me know if you have any questions. I also have a MC-252 and a VT-100 and prefer the ST-35.

I am using a Cary SLI-80 Signature with great success. (40WPC) Seems to be more than enough and the Cary is a fantabulous match with the Sonus.

(Also used a SS Electrocompaniet with them. (70WPC) This combo sounded very nice as well but just not Tubes.

Happy Holidays,

Thanks and keep sending more info.........just a note that this is the CONCERTO Books shelfs by Sonus Faber I am talking about!