Sonus Faber Concerto Home.

Would like to know people who previously own this pair of speaker upgrade to what after years of listening & also the reason of doing so ?

Had the S.F. Concertos for 2.5 years and the di-pole ribbon wonderous sound of Apogee loudspeakers bit me once again so I sold them and located a mint pair of Apogee Duetta Signature full rangle ribbons. Never looked back, by far one of the finest full range speakers in the world today!

Very nice speakers, although I actually prefered the Concertinos Home I had before I upgraded to the Concerto Home. I was in a small listening room at my previous home (a spare bedroom) and the Concertinos were really amazing.

As I was not using a Sub and already owned the Adjustable Stands, I wanted a little more low end so I upgraded to the Concerto. They were very nice but did not vanish quite as well as the Concertino and I tried about everything. They did however have a more dynamic character and a little more low end. Regardless a very nice speaker.

I have since upgraded to the Grand Piano Home and could not be happier. I was really trying to move up to the Cremona but the Grand Pianos have been so wonderful, all urgency has gone.

Using a Cary SLI-80 Signature Integrated and XA777ES as a main source. All Audience Cables including PowerChords for cabling.

You really cannot go wrong with any Sonus Faber Speaker IMO. They are simply musical.

The new Concerto (Domus) is now a floorstander, and has 3 drivers (or maybe a passive radiator?) but I haven't been able to find any information about it. I wonder how it sounds in comparison to the Home line.