Sonus Faber CONCERTINO vs. Quad 11L?

What are your opinions regarding these two speakers? I'm trying to decide between them for my bedroom. My music consists mostly of male vocalists such as Matt Monro, Frank Sinatra, Jim Reeves, Mario Lanza, and so on. I also listen to classical such as Beethoven, Mozart, Hayden's concertos, and Strauss waltzes.

Any feedback is much appreciated.
the concertino is the winner here by a wide margin.....both throw an effective soundstage....both are 'right' on small scale music.....but the concertino nails the weight of an orchestra and big band, as well as any small monitor could hope italia
Both are excellent speakers.I have owned both.Ultimately the Quad 11L worked better in my office system and it definately provides more "bang for the buck." You can't go wrong with either of these fine speakers.The Concerto may be a little warmer(and smoother).The 11L is very dynamic and has amazing bottom for a small,inexpensive speaker.
Thanks for the feedback.

Just to be clear, I'm talking about the SF Concertino Domus. I understand there were other Concertinos in the past. I hope your feedback related to the Domus.
The Domus line is different. It projects awesome stage and scene with clarity. But the demo I heard had only 2-3hours, right out of the box.
How can you even say "the concertino is the winner here by a wide margin" ???? You can't compare two completely different sounding speakers and say one is the winner by a large margin. If you like it better, that's fine, but it's really annoying when people throw around inaccurate and meaningless blanket statements.

Do you not value transparency at all? Any SF speaker is not what you could call a transparent speaker, especially their cheaper ones. If you're looking for a warm halo around your music, then SF is your speaker. But these little quads disappear MUCH better than the SF.

Mpedris - Both of these speakers are quality for the price. However - they do have very different presentations of music. If you're looking for a warmer sound with a weightier midrange, you'll be happier with the SF. However, if you're not looking for additional warmth and would prefer a speaker with less-apparent colorations that allow you hear more of what your electronics sound like, go for the Quad.

For my money, it's the Quad, especially if you have good sounding electronics.
I have to admit Goatwuss (what kind of name is that?)is right. As one who likes a warmer, weightier sound I like the SFs but his description of the Quads are what I heard in a 30 min audition. They are, in my opinion, on the slightly lean and slightly bleached side of things as opposed to SF which is slightly thick and colorful.

I also recently heard the Concertino Domus that only had a few hours. Sounded very nice, kind of SET like which means it made the musicians sound more like they were in the room as opposed to me listening in on the recording session and venue.
Hmmm... Interesting. Now I'm beginning to hear some virtues of Quad.

Which of these has better bass response?

Also, I read somewhere that SF reproduces cleaner highs than does Quad. Any truth to that?

Again, thanks for all the helpful feedback.
there are lots of great little monitors when it comes to throwing a soundstage...side to to bottom...front to back......there are however very very few that can attempt to accurately simulate the tone and weight of real would be wise to audition with all types of music. betwwn these two, the sf is really in a different league. if you can live without a monitor however, do it.