Sonus Faber Concertino Stand Height and image

I just purchased a mint condition pair of Sonus Faber Concertinos(original version). They are great speakers. Am driving them with a B&K ST-140(original Version purchased from Audiogon and a Luxman C-120A also purchased fro A'gon recently. Front end is a SonyXA20ES CD Player). However, I also purchased the original 27.5 inch dedicated stands and they seem very high to me as the tweeter level is several inches above my ear. Should I use different stands that are lower or is this the intended listening height for these speakers? I find it a little bothersome but maybe I should just get used to it. Appreciate opinions from anyone who has owned these speakers. Thank You
My floorstanding SF Grand Piano Home series tweeters are about 5" taller than my ears but I still get very strong and "focus" image. This height seems to affect more on my Focal than the SF. So, I think 27.5" is not too high for the Concertino in everage seating. They love spacy so spend some time with them and move /spread them around.
The Grand Piano loves to be toed-in directly to listener and have you tried tilting them back ward? lovely!! Just that small adjustment makes huge diff in disappearing (speakers). Also, try some CDs with strings (guitars, violins, etc) You are now in heaven.....