Sonus Faber Concertino - Seeking Amp Recommendations

Just really curious if anyone has had experience with these speakers, and what amps they think might work well.  Low sensitivity rating at 86 db.  

Currently have Dayens Ampino Mono's and sometimes think about this new Schiit Vidar.  Budget is anything under $3k.

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Find a Adcom GFA 555ll, or a older Classe Audio amp. Possibly a older McIntosh from would work as well. I would stick with a good solid state amp that has at least 100 watts per channel 200 would be better. Extra clean power will make everything better in terms of Weight, dynamics,midrange clarity and treble extension.  These speakers require power from a clean good sounding amplifier...there are a lot more options out there, you should be fine with your budget of 3k. Listen to at least 3 of them before you decide...amps all sound different.

Matt Miller - Thanks so much for this!