Sonus Faber Concertino or B&W 805 or else

I'm looking to upgrade my speaker. My current system is Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3, X-PSU v3, and X-10 v3 feeding Arcam A-85 integrated with REL-R205 sub and B&W DM601 S2. Does anybody have any suggestion on whether I should go with Sonus Faber Concertino Domus or B&W 805 or others? I like to listened to jazz, acoustic, and any songs that have strong vocal performance. I love my Arcam because its warmth and musical. Please help me decide my next speaker. Thanks!
I have had both and also bought the Concerto's thinking they would better the Concertino's. I listen to light jazz and female vocals. Sold the 805's and the Concerto's and have never thought about parting with the Concertino's. I think there is better detail and low end on the Concertino's over the 805. The 805 is a great speaker but depending upon placement it will vary.
This has been my experience only, I am sure you will get different views.
Sonus Fabers are warm and romantic sounding, B&W is more "precise" sounding and analytica.

You'll hear more detail with the B&W, and the SF will make your worse recordings sound better.

I would guess you would prefer the SF
The combination of MF/A85 with B&w 805 would be dry and analitical..even for jazz music.The power of A85 is not enough for the 805.While the analog section of the Arcam is very good(I,m using their FMJ preamp,now for sale),their amps are not that good.I would choose Revel M22 monitors or upgrade the amp.
Thanks for your input guys! That's my initial thought about B&W 805. I always think that B&W is a little too bright and analytical for my taste. I auditioned ATC SCM19 and I like the warmth sound from these speakers. Unfortunately, they are above my price range (around $3200/pair). I'm going to audition SF Concertino and VA Haydn. I'm not sure if there is Revel dealer in my area, but I'll look. What do you guys think about VA Haydn? Or how about Focal?
I write this from the standpoint of someone who just went through a similar process and ended up with the Sonus Faber Concertino Domus. What tipped the scales was when I put on some live recordings from solo acoustic shows I pulled from These suffice as my anti-reference that I bring along to audio shops just for argument sakes. The Concertinos made those fun to listen to.

30 minutes later with some respectable source material it was case closed and out came the checkbook.
I have auditioned both. I was never a fan of B&W but now I can say that the 805S are very fine speakers.

The SF are very nice speakers as well, but if you want a truer sound to the source, B&W805s are a better choice. Yes, they can sound more analytical but not because of the speakers themselves but the associated equipment. The 805S are more neutral than the SF, and are also more revealing, so if you give them anaytical equipment, that's how they will sound. If you give them high quality musical components, they will deliver the music.

Goatwuss is right, SF will make your worse recordings sound better, more pleasant, what you and many others may prefer in the end over the B&Ws. But the 805S can really shine with great equipment and good recordings.