Sonus Faber Concertino Domus vs. AE 1 classic

Hi, Anyone have experience with these speakers. This is for a third small system, primarily FM and iPod source material. I'll be using a Magnum Dynalab 208 for power. They will be on the top of a bookcase and close to a wall, so no rear port. I am presently using the AE 1 classics in an office system and could move them, but I would need to replace them with something else. I heard a few good things about the Concertinos, and they certainly would look better on the bookcase. I haven't listened to many small monitors in years, but the AE1 sound still works for me. Any other small monitor comparisons with the AE1s are appreciated too.
the ae1's are still among the best small speakers of all time. the concertino domus is nice, but you've been spoiled by one of a handful of really special small monitors. even the latest incarnations of the ls3/5 are simply options for the sake of a minor're there.
I had AE1 Signature before, Concertino Domus for a brief period. I am a big SF fan, but Concertino Domus was a big disappointment for me. On the other hand, AE1 Signature was one of the best small monitor I ever owned, it was sweet, detail, airy, and musical all the time. It sounds better close to rear wall, I still miss them till this day.