Sonus faber center speaker as front?

My dealer is offering a pair of sonus faber vox tradition center speakers

at a freakin unbelievable price.

my question is: can i use this pair as a front speakers in an stereo

setup? Do i have to place it vertically? Any cons?



Yes, and I suggest vertical placement.



Thank you. Any cons? Will they perform like

a regular bookshelf or will i have to suffer some sort of

coloration or lack of neutrality  due to having two mid woofers?



They should sound fine in the vertical position. A friend uses a pair of NHT centers the same way. He is very pleased with the sound!

Your own ears are the final judge if they will work. Just make sure your doors are locked and window shut, to keep the audio police out.

The specs are just like any other speaker. You're fine. Great looking boxes. Gettem.

Buy a pair of subs for real bass.



thank you. The specs seems the same compared

to their amati tradition bookshelf. What concerns 

me is the d appolito layout which seems to favour

horizontal placement. But at the end of the day, 

it seems nothing beats actual hearing test.

If you look at the configuration the tweeters are in the center... they are made to be placed horizontally. You would need to elevate them a couple feet to have the tweeters at ear level as they should be. then all the bass drivers are all at ear level... not sure what the SQ implications are.


It might work. I would only try it if you get an extended home listening with option to return. These are very fine speakers, purpose designed. Using them in a different configuration is unlikely to be optimal. I have SF Amati Traditional and can tell the difference between small changes in toe in. I highly recommend the brand, but would look at the Olympica Nova.




really really tempted to go with the vox center,

just cant get over the fact that my dealer is giving

the pair at almost 60% off, i just cant seem to pass

such a good deal knowing there's a big chance that

it will work out fine.

tried it with different similar design speakers, never liked it...I do like a center channel speaker for mono FM radio... there are some older threads here on this topic...


In addition to the comments already made, my major concern would be bass delivery. Most center channel speakers don’t deliver lower than 45 HZ, where most floor standing speakers will drop into the low 30’s even the 20’s. Unless you plan to supplement with a sub woofer. And if you were to set them up vertically, how would you accomplish that 

The dealer obviously wants to sell them, see if you will let you take the money home to see how they interact with your room


I have been wondering the same for L / C / R being replaced by C / C / C but I would be shopping for something likely from one of Paradigm lines.

I first gave this some consideration with some used (I refuse to call the 1990s or 2000s as "vintage gear."  A buddy suggested doing this with Emotiva sealed center speakers.  He knows I am waiting delivery of a 3rd subwoofer. 


thank you. An actual experience!


If in case it do work out vertically, i would definitely

Have to add subwoofer. I think the best way is to

also raise the subwoofer.

The D'Appolito configuration has been around for quite awhile. Always set up vertically. 

Take the stands off and try them vertically at the dealer.

Honestly I don't think you will like them, but hey I hope you love them!

Regards, barts

So they should work fine but it would be a good idea to see if the dealer will let you audition them. Its still a center channel and there is no mention in their info that it can be used like an LCR: Center channels are designed for voice and to anchor a video soundtrack on a screen so they are designed to have  specific sound dispersion that is different from a bookself or a floorstanding speaker. Looking at the speaker, it is designed to be horizontal not vertical: The tweeters look like they should match & blend with the Traditiion bookshelf and floor standing speakers You can always contact Sonus Faber customer support for their input on the matter. I have been in a/v retail for 30 years and sold and currently own a pair SF Guarneri Homages so I know the brand well. I never sold or have had  much experience with the new Sonus Fabers but the center speakers from the Franco Serblin era were designed  to be center speakers and to sit horizontal.


Thank you guys for all your valuable inputs.


in a couple of hours, i will be able to hear and test

the speakers. Sadly though, i have no way of bringing

it home for a demo. So  all  listenng will be done at the

dealership. Cant fault the dealer as all sales are classified as

"closing out" sale. Big big discount awaits!😊


Turns out my dealer cannot or will not allow demo

As they no longer have any equipment to use since

they are into their last phase of " closing out sale",

home demo is also un acceptable stating that it's 

a no return policy given the hefty 60% discount.


back to the drawing board.

I would skip also. Too much money to bet. Speakers are too personal to bet on a bazar application with no recourse. 

I think the dealer has resolved your dilemma. Good hunting, it took me 2 years

to decide.




you're both right. Still hard to get past them beauties 

with a 60% discount to booth. Tempting.

Bargains are tough to turn away from, but sometimes you look back and realize

you made the right decision. 

Dealer is offering a 12 months zero interest on top 

of the 60% discount. Also agreed that i bring my own amp 

to test the speakers.


will report back to you guys my finding for others

future reference.

I admit, I will be interested to hear what you think.

I would definitely contact Sonus Faber on this.

Most center channel speakers that I am aware of, are not just regular MTM speakers that you place on their side.

I believe there are other design differences in order for the center channel to do their job of reproducing voices. Since music is not their job, they may not be optimized for that purpose.


Dispersion is usually quite a bit different for center channel speakers, than stereo main speakers.

I am pretty sure I heard from a speaker designer, that center channel crossovers are usually designed differently than stereo speakers.

I'm just spit balling here, but I would guess they will not image as well as specifically designed stereo speakers. I would pay a lot of attention to that aspect of their reproducion.

But I too, will curious to hear what you think.