Sonus Faber Auditors as mains in HT


I am thinking of switching to Auditors (non-M) as mains for my home theater. (There is a used pair for sale). I really like their sound and they look great (they have been "accepted" by my better half).

The room is relatively small (16' long by 14' wide).

The local dealer recommended finding a used pair of "walls" as surrounds. They also discussed the Cremona center or a used solo.

The Cremona center is a chunk of change - but it sounded great. I haven't heard a solo - any thoughts on how it might match up with the Auditors? It looks like it might be under matched - but the price would be right.

What do folks think?

I am a SF fan, with Cremona mains and Concertino Homes for surrounds, plus Concertinos, Concertos and Grand Pianos (all pre Domus) throughout the house. But, I did not like the Solo Home center. There is a lot going through the center and the Solo just does not seem to have the punch needed. The Cremona center is very nice, but expensive. There is an old Solo center (before the home) with 2 drivers that is an option, but you rarely see them. I have not heard the Liuto Smart center, but it might be an option. It has 2 6" midrange drivers. I ended up using Thiel SCS3/4 centers, because I did not like the Solo. Even though it is not perfectly matched with the Cremona, it is better than the Solo Home. I also use Concertino homes rather than the Walls, but that depends on your layout.
I use the Auditor Ms in a 12' x 17' room and they more than fill the room with sound. The Cremona Ms would have bee too much speaker for my size of room.
Thanks for the input.

Sounds like the Auditors will work as mains in my room.

Would the "old" solo center (2 drivers) be a good sonic match to the Auditors? Or would the Cremona center be a better choice? I'm not in a rush - and the price difference is substantial. But the center channel is a big deal.

Also - how do the Walls sound? I need a wall mounted speaker (using B&W SCMSs now and need a similar mounting approach. I can't find any to listen to - and while surround speakers aren't that critical - they still need to be reasonable.

Again - many thanks