Sonus Faber Auditor with 20 tube watts?

The auditors aren't super efficient (88db) and they have a lowish impedence (4 ohm). I've got a Primaluna Dialogue 1 integrated and prefer triode mode which is something like 18 watts. Fortunately I have a small room so volume has never been a problem with my current Paradigm Signature S2s.

Will the Sonus Faber's be a sufficient match? Does anyone have experience with lower output tube amps and this speaker? Will the load be too difficult?
your sonus fabers would need more power to really open up and sing. at the very least 50 to 60 watts tube or ss.
My guess is maybe. In a small room, you wouldn't want to crank any speaker up because the room would overload too readily. Twenty watts is a whole lot, provided you don't demand extreme volume and expect movie sound effects kind of bass.

I've heard quite a number of smaller, supposedly not high efficient speakers play at reasonable levels in small rooms with no difficulty driven by anything from 5 watts to 18 (single ended and pushpull amps).

I run a pair with a BAT VK60. Makes wonderful music.
Although somedays, I wish I had a bit more juice.
Like a pair of VK60's
And this is in a small room 12 x14.
To make them really sing, you may want for a bit more power.
Try it with what you have and see if you are happy with the results.
Tubes and the Auditors sound really good in my house.
A great speaker to own and enjoy, have fun.
hi. I've owned the auditors and now own the guarneri. Keep in mind your system will only be as good as it's weakest component. there is no point in running $50k of electronics into the auditors, they will sound better, but not worth the investment. if you are trying to pair the auditors with a nicely matched amp, the SF musica, was the most musical amp i auditioned. if you plan to upgrade the auditors soon, then i would step up more (on the integrated side consider BAT, CJ, Jadis). Right now I am driving the guarneris with the musica and know i am not getting what i can out of the Gs.
I have a pair of SF Cremona Auditor driven by Nait5i (Naim's entry level integrated). For my room size of 12 x 18 x 16 (height), the 50watt Nait5i has more than enough power to the level of volume that I like to listen. I rarely crank the volume knob to higher than 10am. This combo sings beautifully. I have listened to the more expensive Naim amplifier, but I really could not hear big difference between the integrated amplifier with the separate. In addition, many people in Naim forum who own 50k amplifiers purport that they will be happy just with Nait5i. Moreover, Nait5i has been in the The Absolute Sound's editor choice for 3 years in a row. When I bought all my equipment, I did not know that all three of my equipments are actually in the TAS' editor choice. No wonder my system sounds very good.
I own a pair of the Guarneri's and I have a very small dedicated room... 10'X11' with a 15' vault ceiling.
I drive the G's with a Rowland model 8 which is a ss amp and puts out 250 watts per ch.
The G's are quite power hungry and even in this small room,
the amp has to work to drive them. Albeit not terribly hard,